Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email to send work related messages causes controversy

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she had used a personal email address for work-related messages. This incident has stirred up some controversy. She admitted she should not have sent these emails from a personal address.  She stated, “I did it for convenience and it turned out not to be that at all.” After Hillary’s lawyers conducted an extensive review of these emails, they can ensure that she did not break any laws nor did she interfere with the process. “I didn’t participate. I didn’t look at them,” Clinton stated. Also that, “They didn’t need me looking over their shoulder.”

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Republican House Speaker John Boehner is resigning effective October 30.

On Friday, John Boehner announced that he was stepping down from his role as the speaker of the Republican House and Congress entirely. He was the number three elected official in this country.  After two decades, he finally got a chance to fulfill his career goal of hosting the Pope at the Capitol Hill. The big announcement was a big shock to Washington biggest officials from President Barack Obama to Boehner’s top deputy, Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, of California. Kevin McCarthy is seen as the guy who can succeed Boehner, but could face an uphill battle with the antiestablishment wing.

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Republicans voted to stop federal funding to Planned Parenthood! Why Now?

Planned Parenthood is needed here in the U.S.  Accusing Planned Parenthood of selling organs by an anti-abortion organization is absurd. If they get their facts right and do their research they would know that some tissue was being used for scientific research and any new research/ solutions can definitely help with all of these new and upcoming diseases. I am very upset with this being that Planned Parenthood is not just there for offering abortions, but they are there to teach young adults ahead of time how to abstain.  Teaching that abstinence is the key and for the ones that are already pregnant they offer adoption and they offer job resources and housing and classes to teach them and help them learn about the situation they’re in. Education is what the U.S. needs because taking that away will leave more young parents on the streets with their children and then what? More babies dying when we could have saved many lived by adoption or foster care? Please…. That will only make things worse. Republicans are definitely taking the basic reproductive rights away from women, because what if a child was raped, molested, or disabled…Who would help them??? I am happy that President Obama is not agreeing with this vote at all. We have to help the kids not push them away. Its only worse cause for more destruction. As for Planned Parenthood I support what they are doing and I hope they can get the message out and help as many people as they can.

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Medical examiner talks possible cause of death for Bobbi Kristina

Background : Bobbi Kristina , the loving daughter of Bobbi brown and the late whitney houston was found on face down in her bath tube , in late january, very simularly to how her mothers was found years before. After being rushed to the hospital she was placed in induced coma for 6 months. This July Bobbi Kristina passed away after a very long fight. Now here we are over 2 months later and a medical examier claims to know the cause of death of Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon suited 10 million dallors for  wrongful death of Bobbi. As the family thinks he beat her and gave her a toxic drink to make you pass out in the bath tub. The first has not been annouced to the public yet but the court ordered the Autopsy on September 25th.

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Attempt to Respond to the Question : “Can a Child Be Prescribed Antipsychotic Drugs?”

A simple answer to this topic is yes, children can be prescribed antipsychotic drugs. Personally, I do not believe anyone under the age of twelve should be taking any kind of chemical that can alter their brain chemistry. My reasoning is that the brain is not fully developed until the age of six, and even after the age of six the brain is still growing and connecting new neurons.

I was inspired to share my feelings on this matter after reading an article showing the dramatic increase in the last ten years of children, ages 1 to 6, being prescribed antipsychotics. Antipsychotics are medications that are used to treat psychosis, primarily schizophrenia and bipolar (manic- depression).  I understand how helpful these drugs have been in the realm of psychology but I disagree in prescribing them to children.

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The Republican Marco Rubio thoughts on a paid leave plan

In politics today, republican, Marco Rubio is taking about the paid leave plan in American. The things he is saying about how the plan he has in mind compared to the democratic plan that is in play now is to try to benefit the employer of the employee who may need to go on leave; and also benefit the employee. While the democratic plan that is in play as of now benefits the employee only. He thinks that his plan is better for all companies that can partake in the plan which is major companies and smaller plans that has 50 employees or more.

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As Brazilian Economy Descends Into Crisis, Tech Is Growing Double Digits!

Although only half of Brazil’s population is online, it’s already the fifth largest internet and mobile economy and market in the world, a top five three market for Facebook, Google and Twitter, and one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets globally — with another 100 million people starting to come online.  Last week, Brazil reeled from Standard & Poor’s surprise decision to junk the country’s debt rating, the country’s top venture capital investors and entrepreneurs gathered in São Paulo to celebrate the launch of Cubo, a 50,000 square foot tech hub for startup entrepreneurs.

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Why special interest groups and lobbyists should be banned from candidate elections

   The topics I would like to talk about this week are lobbyists and special interest groups. I may be oblivious to politics in general, but I was not aware that there are special interest groups that hire lobbyists to pay potential presidents to run. Personally, I don’t think candidates should have to pay to run. There are so many people in this world that are politically knowledgeable and intelligent, yet, aren’t able to run because of the lack of financial resources they have.

   With that being said, those who decide to run and depend on special interest groups and lobbyists to raise money may have a lot of “IOU’s” to pay for if they are indeed elected president. How it works is the special interest group will have something they want in mind, for instance, a road expansion, they will then hire a lobbyist to contribute to the candidates campaign in hopes for future favors. Say what you will about the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. One of the many things that set him apart from the others is his personal wealth. He doesn’t need to rely on anyone financially but himself to keep him in the running. Trump has his own money to spend on this election, thus he won’t be influenced by any special interest groups or feeling obligated to return special favors should he be elected president.

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Move Over Alexander Hamilton, A Woman To Be On The New $10 Bill!

As of June 17, 2015 it was announced by Jack Lew, the US Treasury Secretary, that a new female face will be appearing on the redesigned  ten dollar bill in 2020. As to who the featured woman will be is still up in the air.

The woman behind the change is Treasurer Rosie Rios, appointed by Barak Obama, who has been fighting for years to get a woman on U.S. Currency. The last time there was a woman on the US currency was in 1891-1896 featuring Martha Washington on the $1 Silver Certificate. Before that, Pocahontas made a brief appearance on a $20 note from 1865-1869.

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Woman turns school bus into mobile financial hub for all

Marsha Barnes is a Charlotte ,NC native working on helping others gain financial stability. She decided to start a financial coaching business on wheels. Having more than a decade of experience working as a corporate trainer for a major financial services company, she wanted to reach out to people who would need it but could not necessarily afford it.

A standard leasing office space wasn’t going to work for her so she purchased a bus off craigslist. Thinking of how popular food truck are in Charlotte she need something that would be an attention grabber. Also when you think of a school bus you immediately register it with education.
She had an interior designer install seats and stations where people could review their finances.

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