Atari returns 100 classic games in one package called the Atari Vault to the PC market.

On Thursday Atari marked its return to the PC game market by officially¬†announcing a bundle pack of 100 popular retro Atari titles. Such titles include Asteroids, Tempest, Missile Command, and Warlords. The games will also include online multiplayer capabilities, so if you are looking forward to playing childhood classics with a friend or playing other players you have never met before from around the globe this package is for you. The company behind this entire ordeal is the gaming company called Code Mystics. Code Mystics is responsible for the game called Atari’s greatest hits which came out for mobile devices. The Atari Vault will be available through Valves online gaming application called Steam. If you are not familiar with Steam, it is a powerhouse online catalog for computer games. Atari vault will have an upgraded user interface and will have support from the new Steam controller. To me this a must buy for retro gamers and Atari fans alike. The games will feature better and faster input time which will mean less input lag and faster reaction times. Atari has faded into the background of our memories when it comes to video games. They were once a goliath of a gaming company selling millions of consoles. Now today Atari just wants to give back to their fans and they are doing so with the Atari Vault. More info will be released this month during PAX in San Antonio Texas and perhaps they will mention something about the price of this package.