Woman Shows Up To Funeral After Husband Ordered Her Murder

What is more awkward than going in for a hug but the other person only wanted a handshake? Your wife, which you hired assassins to kill, showing up to her own funeral would top that. Noela Rukundo crashed her funeral after five days previously, her husband had hired a team of hit men. The hit men were paid thousands of dollars and told Balenga Kalala, Rukundo’s husband, that the job was done.

The fiasco began when Rukundo flew to Burundi to attend the funeral of her stepmother. After the service, she went back to her hotel to rest. Her husband told her to “go outside for fresh air.” She was held at gunpoint the moment she stepped outside of the hotel. Rukundo arrived at a building after 30-40 minutes of being driven while blindfolded. The men that captured Rukundo told her that her husband was the one that hired them, and they proceeded to put Kalala on speakerphone when he said “kill her.” The men told her they would not kill her because it was against their policy to kill women and they knew her brother as well. Two days later, they freed her and gave her a phone, recordings of their conversations with her husband, and receipts given from the kill order.

Rukundo returned to Melbourne, Australia on February, 22, 2015 to approach her husband, who told everyone she had died in an accident. Kalala confessed during a phone conversation which was being recorded by police. Kalala was given nine years in prison for incitement to murder after pleading guilty.