Samsung reveals their newest Galaxy model, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Edge.

The cellphone tech world got a nice little surprise on Sunday at the Mobile phone conference in Spain when Samsung revealed their newest model in the Galaxy Line. The Samsung S7 and the Samsung S7 Edge looks sleeker and better than ever. The battery life has been improved on both versions of the phone. The S7 Edge has a 3,600-mAh battery, where as the S6 Edge’s had 2,600, and the S7 has a 3,000-mAh power supply, where as the S6’s battery was only 2,550. They both also support Micro SD cards for extra storage in which the previous version the S6 did not support. THe processors are said to be 30% faster than the s6 which is pretty fast for a smart phone. I have the S6 and it is really fast with its computing. They took a special feature that fans of their phone wanted back which was making the phones water and dust resistant.

The S5 were both water and dust resistant, but for some strange reason they took those features away from the S6 which people did not like. The camera has a few less mega pixels, but what they did instead was make the pixels larger to compensate. If you pre order the phone they will throw in a free virtual reality headset and Oculus another Virtual reality company is offering free games as well if you pre-order the phone. Now while all these features have been around such as the water resistance and SD micro card support, this is still the best phone they have revealed and while it may not seem like much of an upgrade it still is an upgrade.